Little Pomona Art of Darkness 2019 75cl


Little Pomona Art of Darkness 2019 75cl

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Sidra Little Pomona Art of Darkness 2019

Fruit: Ellis Bitter 67% from our Home Orchard; Ashton Bitter 33% from Broome Farm, Herefordshire.

Harvest: November 2019

Production: 2019 was a difficult vintage, but these early season fruits beat the rains and came into the cidery in lovely condition. Pressed into stainless for primary fermentation and then racked into 10 different ex-spirit casks and left for 14 months to evolve and for the bitter tannins to be transformed. Then in the company of cider legend Martyn Goodwin-Sharman, we opened up the barrels and began to taste and blend.
Five barrels were selected for the final cuvée and it was bottled still, without additions.

Bottled: May 2020

Description: We are always amazed at how these tannic cider apple varieties emerge from barrel after such an extended time, all bright and perfumed and full of fruit. This golden yellow liquid is pristine with honeyed apricot and tarte tatin vibes, perfumed like incense and warmly spicy. There’s plenty of ripe tannins here too, giving it wonderful structure and real depth of flavour.

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